The Real Emergency Kit!

This post was inspired by a friend (thanks Shalewa) from school.

As a female, I know the kind of emergencies that can occur at any time without warning and most times I’m not fully equipped to handle such situations but my friend is always there with her first aid kit to bail me out one too many times and for that I’ll remain forever grateful. So here are some things I feel deserve to be in ‘the real emergency kit’! Not in a particular order of importance.


Pads/ Tampons


Periods are a respecter f no one. Once they decide to come, they  come. Why not be prepared? Either for you or for a friend. I know I’ve been saved before, why not be someone’s saviour?



Because why not? You just might discover a stray hair underneath your chin, eyebrow, anywhere really. Always be prepared!

Thread and needle


Ever had an unraveled seam or caught your outfit on a sharp edge? I know I have. And it’s not exactly comfortable to walk around with a tear in your cloth that can get worse. I usually go around with a black thread because most of my outfits are black. Pick a colour or two (preferably neutral) to go into your real emergency kit.




This goes hand in hand with the thread and needle or to trim a thread that’s poking its head out from your clothes. You never know really.

Wipes/ Tissue


Had a snack? Lipstick smudged? Something spilled/ dropped on your outfit? No access to water? Dirty surface? Wipes/ tissues are always handy.



Used a public restroom? Been in a crowded place? Impromptu date after a long day? Always smell fresh and smell your best with little bottles of perfume.

Brush For Brows and Edges


A fleek selfie can be not so wonderful with rough edges and unruly brows. After having classes back to back from 8am to 3pm (my life) and you feel the stress is sowing? A quick edge fix and brow updo can work wonders. Trust me, I know!



Teeth stained with lipstick? (happens to me a lot!) What is a girl’s life without a mirror? (I know, I’m vain). Nothing can be done without one (excuse the exaggeration, but you get the point). I can stare at myself all day. Why not?



Shook hands with people? Visited the loo? Want to grab a quick bite in between classes? A tube of sanitizer is ideal. Does the job instantly.

Dental Floss and Pick


After that quick bite, fix the smile with some floss and a pick. Smile confidently and freely without wondering if there’s anything stuck between your teeth.



Keep your hands soft and moisturized and keep any part of your body from going ashy on you.

Safety Pins





Missing button? Shirt showing too much skin between the buttons? Hold up/ together anything on your clothes temporarily? Get yourself some safety pins.


Quick Fixes

Lipbalm, mascara and eye liner are my go to items for a quick fix to wake my face. Especially those days I don’t feel like getting the face fully beat.

Give the illusion of putting in some effort with lipsticks of your choice. I go everywhere with a nude shade and a bold shade. I never know which I’ll use.

Mints/ Breath Fresheners


After that snack? Had some onion or garlic meal? Or feel like having fresh breath? Pop some mints into your kit. I love tom tom. Cheap and effective

Hair Band


The heat’s getting to you? Too much breeze for the weave to handle? Tired of keeping your hair down in general? Pull out your hair band and fix it right away.


And that’s all for now.

That’s all I have in my real emergency kit. What do you have in yours? I might be missing something too. Drop a comment below and share the love.

I hope this has been interesting and helpful. Still waiting for the weekend…

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