How To : Survive The Heat In Nigeria


So its just Monday and I honestly can’t wait for the weekend to come already. I can feel my soul slipping away. To make matters worse, its like the heat’s intensifying as the days roll by and each time I ask, ‘Can it get hotter than this?’ It does -_-

I know I’m not the only one who has been wondering if the gates of hell were left open just

a little and the heat we’re facing is just a little reminder of what the real deal would be like. So here are a few items that can help when surviving the heat in our beloved country. (This also applies to other countries that are going through this kind of climatic conditions).

Face Caps or Hats

The basic concept behind this isn’t entirely for fashion only; it is also a very convenient way of getting the sun out of your eyes and face and protecting yourself from direct access to the UV rays that pose a threat to your skin.

Face caps aren’t so expensive (if you’re going for purpose and not brand name) and a good one can be gotten at N1000 or even less.


This is an essential part of starter pack for the heat we’re experiencing right now. You

don’t have to go overboard when shopping for shades, make a pick from the multitude. Start off with a pair of fun frames or boring frames or whatever! Pick what you are comfortable with. I got this pair for N500 at Wuse market, Abuja, Nigeria.




If you roast as easily as I do, then you must be getting the hard end of the sun. Pick up a tube of sunscreen from your local cosmetic shop or online shop or wherever you do those kind of purchases. The higher the SPF, the better. Some cosmetic brands also offer makeup with SPF in them. I currently use one that was recommended by my dermatologist, but there should be some good deals out there.

Light fabric outfits

Go light or go home! Except you have constant or almost constant access to air conditioning, you might want to think twice before putting on clothes made with thick fabrics. Some good light weight fabrics that will let your body breathe and look awesome doing that are; cotton, chiffon, chambray, rayon. Now isn’t the time to sport wool or thick materials like that except you’re into that kind of stuff (who am I to judge?).

So, that’s it (for now). Hopefully, tomorrow won’t be as hot.

Till next time.

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