Stepping Out Of The Comfort Zone


For as long as I can remember, my favorite color has always been black. Weird? Cult linked? And outright creepy? I’ve heard it all. But I’d rather go with unique.

Black goes with everything. Trust me, I’ve tried. Its like the coconut oil of colors! And when there’s no black, any really dark color with black undertones can fill in temporarily. Key word here being ‘temporarily’.

I wasn’t exactly a fan of the bright and bold color options, because I always felt they would attract attention and that I wouldn’t be able to pull it off and some extra reasons still unknown to me and the fact black looks goods all the time too.


Thanks to the climate change, I’m being forced to step out of my comfort zone, (I’m sure my mum would love this -_- )  and its hard for me, seeing as the ratio of black to colored items in my wardrobe is like 80:20 respectively.

So, on this particularly hot day (about a week ago), I had to go out with my friends and the heat got a say in my outfit choice. I ended up with a colorful kimono and leggings with a vest. I liked it enough to take tons of photos which led to this blog post. That counts for something right?

What did I learn or benefit or notice? The color, though not as vibrant as most people would go, and light weight fabric made me stand the whole day without being uncomfortable or sweaty, well apart from when we had to wait almost an hour for a cab, but its definitely something I see myself trying out again.

You may now bask in the awesomeness that is me. 🙂


And a close up for the little details


Outfit Details

Kimono- By yours truly (me)

Leggings- T-mart (Tinapa, Calabar)

Vest- T-mart (Tinapa, Calabar)

Sunglasses- Wuse market, Abuja

Wrist watch- Copped from a friend 🙂

Earrings- Wuse market, Abuja

Necklace- Mums old jewellry

Sandals- Gifted


Have a lovely weekend!

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