Denim + Ankara = Denkara

20160515_101139 - CopyThe denim trend has come to stay it seems, and as time goes by, we find new ways to infuse it into our everyday outfits. There are many ways of incorporating denim into our everyday wear. From office wear to school clothes to casual days to church outfits, you name it, denim always finds a way of showing up and adding a twist to an outfit. So far, after all the trials and errors, denim and ankara gives me the feels.

When paired with the right accessories, the outfit can go from a 60 to 100 real quick.


I styled my ‘denkara’ with a cream saddle bag, accessorized with a pair of gold and cream stud earrings, a cream collar necklace and a simple gold bracelet.


Its not compulsory to have matching colors in your outfit, you can mix and match, but it helps to have a color or something that links/ties the outfit to give it a more put together look.


I used cream and gold to tie my look together (my earrings, necklace, bracelet and bag) and you can also find cream accents in my fabric too. A win win situation if you ask me.

20160515_100644The denim sits pretty with the ankara and gives it a fresh feel/ look.

Below are some pictures that I just couldn’t imagine deleting, so they’re here because I’m allowed a little self appreciation ;).


My skirt has pockets! Awesome right? DSCF9393

A quick selfie or two doesn’t hurt anyone. Does it?



Ensure you look good from all angles.


Oh, and I promised to give credit for the pictures to my friend turned my personal photographer Noasarch. Here’s to many more photos!

Outfit Details

Skirt- Tailored

Denim shirt- Thrift

Necklace- Next

Bracelet- Gifted

Earrings- Next. It came in a set of 3 pairs for about N2000

Bag- Market haul at Marian Market, Calabar.


And that’s it. Definitely looking forward to this new week. Are you?

What ways would you style your denim and ankara?

I’d love to know. Leave a comment below. Thanks.


6 thoughts on “Denim + Ankara = Denkara

  1. I love your denkara look and you just like to intimidate us with your dashing pictures. PS i want your necklace


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