Thrift Market-ing


Thrifting is awesome! After plenty shakara, my sister has gotten me hooked. Although it can sometimes prove difficult especially when you have certain things in mind and end up not finding them. And recently, in Nigeria, thrift traders have began to ‘shine eye’ when it comes to prices. It takes time and skill in bargaining to get stuff now, but I still love it!

Not every time designer store. Sometimes thrift store.

Contrary to belief, you can look good for much less. It doesn’t have to be pristine, store bought items with prices that make a dent in your pocket each time. You can look good for a pretty decent amount too. I’m going to show some items I discovered/ gathered while thrifting, that didn’t crack my account.

  1. Remember the denim jacket I used to style my ankara skirt for Denim + Ankara = Denkara (if you don’t refresh your memory   ), yup. Thrifted!
  2. White midi skirt. I’ve never been a fan of white, but once I tried it on my mind became more open to accepting it in my wardrobe.
  3. Chiffon blouses20160531_150628.jpg
  4. The saddle bag I used in Denim + Ankara = Denkara, thrifted once more! Would you believe this bag was gotten at N1000?
  5. This top. I love the print but the top is almost 2 sizes bigger. I’m still trying to contemplate what to do with it.


These were gotten from;

  • Wuse market, Abuja, Nigeria.
  • Marian market, Calabar, Nigeria.
  • Garki market, Abuja, Nigeria.


Thrifting Tips

  • The key to finding awesome stuff when thrifting, is patience. You need lots and lots of patience, because sometimes, you want to give up but then just hang in there. Be patient.
  • Though now, thrift traders are beginning to become expensive, you have to be willing and prepared to bargain.
  • Ensure you check the item very well for damages before purchase. Voice of experience.


Fin! I hope this will motivate you to man up or woman up (whatever the case may be), and try to get the ‘thrifting experience’!


Have you tried thrifting before?

So what are your opinions on thrifting?

Where are your thrifting spots/ locations?

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