Minimalist With A Hint Of Afrocentric


At one point in our lives, we’ve all incorporated, either fully or partially, a touch of minimalism. Whether consciously or unconsciously; the white button up shirt you love to wear, or the jacket that goes with almost everything in your closet? We’re all  guilty. I know I am.  I can’t even begin to deny that. I have this black blazer that I can pair with almost everything in my closet. I’m pretty sure the blazer just wants to retire right now 🙃 I have shifted from the topic, I apologize.

I’m on currently on the journey of finding my style and while I’m at it, the less is more thing is tugging at my heartstrings. I’m falling in love with the minimal look. Minimal in all senses; clothes, accessories, makeup,( yes! Makeup!), etc and maybe, less can actually be more.

But honestly, minimal can sometimes get boring but the fun thing about fashion/ style is you get to own it and tweak it till it suits your personality and expresses what you want it to.

This was the first take at the minimalist style. I was going for minimal infused with comfort in a nude/ earthy tone, and you should know by now that I will definitely have black (read about my struggle to let black go here), and I felt it in my bones that something was missing. So, I called on the gods of creativity, and ….


viola! My raffia hat from my trip to the arts and crafts village (you can read about it here if you missed it. You’re welcome) and it felt complete. *insert Drakes “one dance’ intro*.

It definitely was not what I was used to. And it got so much love from my dad that he even volunteered to become my photographer for the day.


Outfit Details

Sweater – Moda at George courtesy an Aunt

Leggings – Thrifted

Inner top – Random purchase

Raffia hat – Arts and culture village, Abuja

Neck piece – A lions tooth from the arts and culture village, Abuja

Sandals – Gifted

Bracelets – Accumulated from different times and places



Quick question; am I the only one who’s a sucker for the little details? Like the one on this sweater.

 Thoughts/ opinions on the minimalist look?

Would you consider consciously putting one together?

Where would you wear it to?

What ways would you rock the minimalist loo?

How else would you have accessorized?

Leave your comments down below pretty please, thank you.

7 thoughts on “Minimalist With A Hint Of Afrocentric

  1. Hey,you are so beautiful and I live how you have motioned this piece. I will as well post something similar to this with you as the huge inspiration. I am so finding my style although i have made an eternal alliance with Black and Jeans but oh well. Thanks for sharing


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