The Skin Underneath The Glam

As an artist, I learnt the importance of priming/ prepping my canvas before working on it, and that is key to beautiful results that would last and look good. 

Same goes to our faces. It’s very important  to ensure our faces (canvas) is kept at its optimum prime. Yes, makeup is awesome, but  we shouldn’t be constantly hiding whats underneath.

I was not so big on skin care and what not, because I could honestly care less, until a while   ago, and I adopted a few things have taken me from 0 – 35. I’m not at 100 yet, but we all have to start somewhere right? (You can read about some products I trust my skin with here). So this post is more or less like a continuation/ regimen and will be focusing on caring for the face, neck and sometimes shoulders.


Clean and healthy skin is happy skin. Taking off everything that has either been put (, products) or has accumulated (i.e. dirt) is vital because this opens and allows your pores to breathe.  I recently just purchased the neutrogena ‘visibly clear spot stress control ‘ because acne scars and I use that along with my Isis pharma ‘teen derma gel’ – this helps with acne and oil production.


If you look at my skin care faithful’s, here, you’ll catch on the love I have for exfoliating. I used to use bodycology before (almost a year), but recently I got my hands on ‘Mayanga by 4th & base’ and I must say, I’ve found love. It’s made with all natural products such as; coconut oil, sugar, honey and lemon. The way it makes my skin feel 😍 and the scent 😍😍😍 and to top it all, no breakouts or flares. It doesn’t get any better than this. A review is definitely coming up soon!


You don’t have to always have to be store bought. Home made masks are awesome too. Speaking from experience. You can see a quick DIY for a facemask . My snapchat followers can attest to my love for them. My top home made DIY face masks are;

  • Oats and Honey. You can get my recipe and the steps here
  • Plain honey
  • Avocado and honey
  • Cucumber- this doesn’t exactly count as a mask, but it works wonders on the skin


Hydrated skin is a mirror of health. Pros- youthful glow. Healthy appearance. Cosmetic application made less tasking. I use the St. Ives, intensive healing body lotion. No. I don’t have a face cream 🙄. It works for me and coupled with a few drops of sunscreen or coconut oil for the morning and night respectively, it works for me. Don’t go around with dry, ashy skin, put some moisturizer on.


Sunscreen. I can’t even begin to emphasize on the importance of sunscreen. Nigeria is hot fullstop. That should be enough for you. Protect your skin from being damaged by the UV rays of the sun and maintain your complexion.


Let your face breathe from time to time. Not every time beat face, sometimes, bare face


Eat right! Nutrition plays a vital role in skin care. We overlook what goes into us so much and it helps/ goes a long way in promoting healthy skin and life as a whole. Eat a lot of veggies (every meal should be accompanied by veggies) and stay hydrated.


At least 7 hours of sleep is required to give the skin a fresh and youthful/ rested look. Lack of proper sleep will show on the skin. For me, if I’m not properly rested, I show through the presence of raccoon eyes (dark circles round the eyes like a raccoon) and eye bags and believe me it’s not flattering plus I end up being grumpy all day long.
Extra Tips

  • Create a routine that works for you
  • Stick to the routine you have
  • Drink lots of water
  • Be happy

And it’s a wrap.
What are your skin care tips?

What products do you use for any of the steps?

What tips do you have that I don’t know?

There’s no harm in sharing. 

What are your thoughts generally?

Please leave a comment down below thank you. 

6 thoughts on “The Skin Underneath The Glam

  1. I stay away from a lot of store bought products because am afraid of using anything above 10% natural on my skin…its been awesome so far but am beginning to struggle with my complection😟 it’s really depressing


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