Modern Day Africana

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It’s been more than a minute, I know. I’ve been more than MIA  but I’m back and I’m here to stay (I hope). So, for those that sent me messages asking about when my next post is coming up and how I’m adjusting to life, thanks for the love, I’m back! Its people like you that make it worth it. Thank you, thank you!

I know it’s late and but better late than never. And so, on that note, happy new month and welcome to the second half and third quarter of the year!

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Anyhoo, I’m working on exploring and finding myself in terms of style and leaving what used to be my comfort zone. What other time to do that than summer? There’s life and laughter in this period and tons of places to go, people to see and what not. This makes it easier to try out different things as opposed to just dressing up on a random day and having to pose for a camera. Man can’t stress more than necessary.

Like some famous person said – Hire a lazy but smart people, they’ll find the easiest and quickest way to get the job done.

The modern day Africana is inspired with my love for all things Afrocentric and on this day I had to go see a friend, catch a movie and maybe lunch. I thought to myself, how do I pull off the ‘in-touch with my African roots’ look without coming off too strong and scaring my friend off *lol*? I put two and two together and …. *drumroll* …. the outfit was born!

For this outfit, I paired an Ankara tube top (because it had tummy space and the foodie in me thought that was a very strong factor to consider and I’m keying into the bare shoulder trend p.s I’m getting set to join the bandwagon) with a pair of regular skinny pencil jeans and my favorite pair of sandals (They made a reappearance  from here, oh, and get ready, you’ll be seeing a lot of them).

Since I was going for the laid back kind of vibe plus I remembered it’s normally cold in the movie theater, I threw on the cream cardigan even though it didn’t protect me from the chill. Oh well. Not bad for a person who would normally go for a tee and pants right?

Accessories were a stone and wood beaded necklace that was once my mums, and bracelets I made, (one of them being in the local red bead that made someone ask if I was royalty) and my owl stud earrings – because owls are simply the best (doubt if you can spot it properly because I wasn’t able to get better images). Minimal still plays around here if  you have sharp eyes.

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P.s peep the cowries in my hair! Remember them from the haul in tourist behavior. (Just in case you missed it, you can catch up here). Adds to the whole ‘afro’ vibe right? (They earned a lot of stares and whispered comments that my sharp ears were able to get).

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Thanks for reading. Have a lovely week ahead and may your Monday be as lovely as clear skies!

Outfit Details

Ankara top – Michael Kors

Cardigan – Oldie

Pants – Marquis

Sandals- Lucy Daves (@lucy.daves on instagram)

Bag – Gifted

Necklace – Mums old jewellry

Earrings – Gifted

Bracelets – DIY

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comment section below!


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