The Truth About Going Natural


Hello. It’s me again.

So recently many girls have been going natural, and ditching the relaxers and texturizers in an effort to go back to our roots, me included. Truth is, when I made the choice to go natural, all the natural hair pages, blogs and channels I found made going natural seem so easy and stress free and ‘fast’!, but 11 months along the line, my hair still looks like a starving child when compared to the ‘naturalistas’ popular on social media who flaunt ‘total body engulfment’ growth in under 6 months. *sigh*

In 1 month, it’ll be a year since I made the big chop, and in as much as I’ve enjoyed the journey so far, its safe to say that there are a lot of things to know about going natural before going natural, as they would have prepared me for the journey ahead. Does that make sense?

To be forewarned is to be forearmed

Anyways, I’ll just share the things/facts/info I’ve discovered on my natural hair journey.

  • It doesn’t happen in a day.
  • You have to put work in. If you don’t you don’t get results.
  • Find people who have the same hair type as you and learn some tips and tricks. 4C chicks holla!
  • Protective and low manipulation styles are the way forward! Hello crotchet braids, wigs and braids! (I learnt how to make mine, so I do when I have the time and patience)
  • Don’t compare your hair to others. Different people, different growth.
  • There’s no harm in experimenting but proceed with caution!
  • Deep condition! Get the strength!
  • Trim regularly. I noticed I had split ends due to the drying out if my hair thanks to dye. After living in denial, I headed to a salon and got a proper trim and my hair is healthier now.
  • Stick to one routine. Don’t jump from one routine to another! You can end end up with damaged hair.
  • It doesn’t have to break your bank always. There are pretty affordable things you can do at home.Example, the DIY: Deep Conditioner.
  • Love your hair unconditionally!
  • Be patient. All things come in due time.


What truths do you have to share about going natural?

Leave a comment down below and help a soul out.


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