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Sometimes we have to realize that we are our own superheroes, because we truly are the only ones who can save ourselves. – Enoabasi Nta.

In this world where every day man’s inhumanity to man seems to be thriving, we often get a glimmer of something. Hope? Or is it a better chance for the future? We need to realize it’s the superhero in us that’s whispering in our ear the words of encouragement, comfort, love etc.  But in that same ear, the villain screams the exact opposite, wanting us to give up and fail. We need to be a able to separate the two and choose.

We know ourselves and our strengths and shortcoming. Do not let anyone bring you down. They only do that when you give them the power to affect you. You alone can save yourself!

This takes me back to a conversation I had with a friend who was going through a rough patch, I’m not a stranger in those, and I remember saying ” We live our lives trying to be model citizens and caring so much at what society thinks about everything we do and are, we seem to forget to let go and just live. Like Adele sang; “I want to live not just to survive”, we have to take bold steps and actually enjoy this very short life we have because the clocks ticking. I’m done worrying about opinions, I guess its time for me to focus on making myself happy. That’s the only way I can make a difference.” And for me to have reached this conclusion, I realized one truth;

I am enough.

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I’ve gone through a lot in life, it might not measure up to what you might have gone through, but each person has their own path and each path has its own obstacles. The key to overcoming the obstacles is realizing you’re enough.

You should not be defined by your gender, tribe, religion or body. You are enough! What you have within is enough. Your effort is enough. Your contribution is enough. You shouldn’t let anyone bring you down, cos hey, If they’re bent on doing that probably means you’re way ahead of them.

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Thank God its the weekend! I can finally get time to unwind after a long and eventful week.

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