Some days ago, I met up with one of my best friends (yes! I have friends) for lunch and as usual we got talking. We talked about which felt better, being in a relationship or being single. By the time we picked it apart both are not bad as they have their perks and cons.

We took a walk after lunch back to my place and while passing the buses and the people in traffic, he quietly said

I am tired of being alone.

I thought I understood what he meant and mumbled a ‘me too mehn’.


Now at 2:24am, I wake up with that statement in my head while listening to ‘All of you’ by John legend playing from the shrine (quite different from their usual late night jams. Coincidence? )

I finally see beyond that statement. He might have meant it in an entirely different context but I have read another meaning and interpretation to it. And have my comments. So, bess fren, if you’re reading this, these are my thoughts on it.

We are all alone. In the entiretyof the word. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary says “without anyone or anything else : not involving or including anyone or anything else : separate from other people or things” and that was the one I felt best described it. 


In the world or universe or life, we are all single entities with our own individualized thoughts and wants and what not. Even conjoined twins each have a mind and all of their own. We are seperate yet together. Does that make sense?

Growing up there was a lot of emphasis placed on ‘strength in unity’ but I say, strength in individuality and uniqness and even greater strength when the unique and diverse people come together.

Being alone doesn’t mean you’re cut off from the world, it means you are so in tune with it that you have chosen your own path.

We all have friends or acquaintances and feel on top of the world when we are with other people and alao we feel safe. But once they go, we feel empty. Alone. We discover ourselves when we dont have someone else feeding ideas or projecting dreams and desires to us. We get to tune in and listen to what we truly want. We are alone because when the chips are really low and the stakes are down, we get to see that we are alone. In as much as we get support from friends and family, they can’t be a distraction forever. We’re left to our own demons and we have to know that we are alone.


So finally I say, it’s not bad to be alone. Embrace it. And realize that by being alone, you get intouch and discover yourself.


How’s the weekend starting?

What are your thoughts on being alone?

Leave a comment below and share if you will 😊

5 thoughts on “Alone

    1. Sometimes, you could hv lots of people around and still fell really lonely. We are all alone I think, until you let people in.
      Good piece Eno B. 🙂


  1. Hey….i really do like your thoughts about being alone and embracing it but sometimes,i feel that being alone can equally weakens you,you keep bottling things up,solving your own tters and it could really hurt(speaking from experience )……but all the same,it’s not a bad thing,really helps you discover yourself and helps you to stand strong when the storms come.thanks for sharing what you felt about being alone. It really has helped😊👍


  2. Yes, I agree with your thoughts on being alone. You have to learn be alone to appreciate your individuality & uniqueness. It also helps you build your independence, self-love and self-worth. Once you have achieved that, it is very difficult for others to manipulate you to become who you’re not and who they want you to be; rather they will have to accept you the way you are.


  3. This almost ending year, I’ve felt very alone. There’re few friends to hit up and hang out with & family is always available but for some reason I just don’t. I don’t intend to feel same year this coming year. I’ll work on that for sure.

    Btw, what you have going on here is beautiful! Keep at it, cheers x


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