Tourist Behaviour! || Lagos Island Waka + Freedom Park


Every trip I make either with family or friends or alone makes me proud to see how far we’ve come and sometimes it makes me wonder what went wrong?

N/B: Before you continue, ensure you’re relaxed and sitting. As this might take a while. Enjoy 🙂

This weekend, my uncle decided to treat my aunt, my cousins and I by taking us to Freedom Park to catch a performance by any live band and lunch. I was pretty excited because the original plan to go for Chill and Chow (an event that was supposed to take place that day) wasn’t holding because the event had been moved and we didn’t know. We found out last-minute after driving around for a while.

Freedom Park had been part of the destinations to hit on my list. All I knew before going there was that every 3rd Friday of the month, there was Afropolitan Vibes and it’s the venue. But that was about to change.

The day kicked of as usual with Alexis coming over and all the regular hassle to get dressed. My uncle came to get us and we made a quick stop at the family house at Tokunbo. After greeting our aunt and the usual chit-chat we excused ourselves to go take photos outside. Trust us to turn anyplace into an ideal place for photos.

We took a few pictures (about 10 or so) till a couple Jehovah witness members came and decided we were target for the day. Talking marriage and commitment. They eventually left their pamphlet  (but for the life of me, I don’t know where it ended up).

We piled into the car and started our trip to the island. We got there fairly fast because there wasn’t traffic courtesy Sunday. 

On arrival, the first thing I noticed was how beautiful and serene the place was. We were then told that to take pictures with our cameras, we would have to pay N10,000. That dampened the joy of arrival. We arrived after 2 and the park managers said no show would be starting till 7pm. We had roughly 4 hours to burn.

When people stare and not allow the selfie to be great!

Freedom Park has historical background and if you know me, you’ll know I’m a sucker for all things historic.

It was originally a prison and I found it neat that they could turn a symbol of oppression into a place for celebration and relaxation.

We walked around for a bit and took a few photos with our phones till we decided to explore the island and get lunch at the city mall. And thus began our Lagos Island waka.


What we saw.

Tafawa Balewa Square

Once I spotted the Eyo masquerade statues, the song Eyo by Asa instantly came to mind and I got this deja vu type of vibe going on.

This was the place that Nigeria’s independence celebration took place on October 1st, 1960 with the Prime Minister, Tafawa Balewa, delivering his speech.

The square was locked/ blocked off and I could only get shots from through the gaps in the fence whish was sad because I had imagined posing on the very spot our independence was handed over.


Guess this will have to suffice.

NET (Nigerian External Communications)building


It is one of if not the tallest building in the country and the entire West Africa. It is a skyscraper located on Lagos Island. The 32-story building was completed in 1979, and houses the headquarters of NITEL. The communications spire at the top of the tower serves as a lighthouse beacon for Lagos Harbor. The building is constructed of concrete. Bet you didn’t know that huh?

The Former House Of Assembly

That was back when Lagos was the capital of Nigeria. The building has been converted to a Liason office now tho.

Other Old Buildings

By this time, our brains and stomachs had finally caught up and we realized how hungry we were.

We quickly located the city mall and stormed the KFC there for a very filling meal. People kept staring but hey, we were having fun. If you saw me that day, I apologize. I’m usually more reserved than that.

After lunch, we hit the road once more en route the park.

And we braved the stares and posed for tons of pictures because we had zoned out and were a little overwhelmed by the place.


Legs for days
Alexis the wannabe fairy


Oh I almost forgot, I spotted a roadside vendor by the TBS and got one arm candy that ended up being obtained by a colleague at work. So colleague, if you’re reading this, be very afraid. I’m still coming for you.

We got back to the park in time for a plate of ‘spicy, juicy asun’ (the words of the chef not mine) from the Mr. Cheff stand and I had my first bottle of Wilson’s lemonade (not as impressed as I thought I would be).

We were very entertained by the live band that kept dropping jams. If I wasnt battling with my asun, I’d probably have been tearing up the dance floor.

Processed with VSCO

Meet Fifi (named by Alexis) our pseudo pet duck. The queen of side eye.

The day was pretty good. Turned out much better than I expected. And I definitely look forward to a second trip. Maybe this time I’ll have a tour guide.

Outfit Details.

Shirt, Vest, Leggings – Thrift

Sandals – Gafa sandals


 What are some of your favourite places to visit in Lagos? I’m still looking for places to discover!

Please leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you and know what you think 🙂


6 thoughts on “Tourist Behaviour! || Lagos Island Waka + Freedom Park

  1. Freedom Park is really beautiful, lucky you went with friends I was alone when I went so I couldn’t take pictures of myself but I took pictures of the park(with my phone) and even checked out the art gallery there.. I would definitely revisit soon.


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