DIY: Morning Coffee Facial


Do you sometimes wake up feeling so tired and your face literally betrays you?

Then this is for you.

I am a certified night crawler. I feel tired during the light hours but once darkness falls, it’s like I’m kicked out of sleep mode into active mode. This usually results in late nights. Thanks to work, I have to be up by 6am but having less than 5 hours of sleep not only makes me cranky, it gives me tired looking facial skin and raccoon eyes. I normally used the cold water shock therapy till I stumbled across an article on using coffee to wake the skin up. I thought why not. So I tried and saw results and thought to share.

What you need


  • 1tbsp coffee (obviously)finely ground
  • 1tbsp honey (try to get natural)
  • Oil – any of your favorite ones



Coffee + honey mixed to form a paste with consistency of batter. A few drops of your oil and you’re good to go.


Apply to clean face and neck (did this after my shower). Leave on for a few minutes and rinse off.

Viola! Goodbye sleepy skin, eye bags and raccoon eyes. Hello alert, soft and moisturized face instead.

After I tried this, at work, someone said “thank God, you’re feeling better. You look better than last week”. Sigh. If only they knew.


Anyways, I’ll also try getting more sleep because there is a limit to hacks.

P.s peep the denim choker on my neck, its a DIY I found on whowhatfab but its not complete tho.

Have a lovely week and stay hydrated!


Done a coffee facial before? How did it go?

What morning facials have you tried?

Let me know, leave a comment below.


8 thoughts on “DIY: Morning Coffee Facial

  1. Love this! I’m a big fan of coffee facial scrub as well, it’s my go to scrub, any day, anytime. Though I haven’t tried it with honey just yet, I’ll do it in my next routine. Thanks for the post!


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