Chill, Chow and a Cancelled Uber Ride


If someone had told me on Sunday, that I’d be stranded by the end of day and even uber wouldn’t come to the rescue, I wouldn’t have believed him/her. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened. Lost? Let me start from  the beginning. 

Sunday, I was supposed to go with a ‘friend’ to Kalakuta (the house Fela lived in which is now a museum) and I had been anticipating the day with every inch of my being because museum. That didn’t happen because my ‘friend’ cancelled. (‘Friend’, if you’re reading this, you owe me. Big time).


I ended up going to an event that was supposed to hold last week but was shifted to this Sunday and I must say, I’m glad I did.


The event, chill and chow, was the first of its kind (I’m guessing the organizers want it to be either annually or monthly) and held at the CMD in Magodo. Supposed to kick off at 10am but I think it didn’t because African time. I got there for 3pm and met up with one of my roommates from school, hey Vanessa!, and made a new friend (I’m proud of me), hello Dotun!, and lived a little.

The event wasn’t extremely hyped so the turn out wasn’t so much and the place wasn’t crowded which I loved.

There were a bunch of stands ranging from the barbecue stand to the clothing stand to a football stand where almost all the guys were watching whatever match was being aired on Sunday to a henna stand – I wanted to get henna done but the fear of smudging the ink before it dried on myself made me think twice. And there was open space too. All in all it was a pretty swell day and I enjoyed it.

Guess who’s becoming more comfortable in taking pictures outside? I am!


P.s On a normal day, I’m more reserved than what is displayed. Please don’t be inclined to think I’m always this way 🙂

I’ll just drop some of the photos taken here . So, enjoy!

DSC_0120DSC_0110DSC_0101DSC_0053 .DSC_0051

DSC_0074 .

As the event rounded up, I packed up my stuff and requested for a ride via uber while saying my goodbyes and taking my last set of pictures.  About 40 minutes later, my ride hadn’t arrived and by this time, the venue was being prepared to be locked and the place was becoming empty. I called the driver and guess what, he didn’t know where we were or how to get there.

Please, how do I explain to the guy that the easiest way to find me was by following the map provided by uber?

Long story short, he didn’t show up. He called about 30minutes later saying he was in ikeja. And that no one knows where CMD was. I ended up cancelling my first uber ride *insert titanic’s theme song here*

I ended up hailing a yellow cab and was on my way home by past 8 because my battery was in the red zone. By then, the venue had closed and there weren’t any street lights or  security available. Uber has broken my heart and my trust. I feel very hurt. But thankfully, they regained it once more a few days back. So we’re cool 😎


On a lighter note, look who joined the off shoulder (even though I had to keep reminding myself to stop pulling it up) and choker bandwagon! Remember the chokers intro in my coffee facial post? This is the finished look. Not what I was initially going for but I can work with this. Incorporating my Afrocentrism you can see.


Outfit Details

Blouse – tailored

Head wrap – left over material

Choker – DIY by Whowhatfab

Necklace – one of those purchased from here

Jeans – lagos market

Earrings – gifted (thanks sissy)


Looking forward to tonight! TGIF!! Afropolitan vibes is happening and I’ll be meeting someone special too *wink wink*.

Have a lovely weekend and stay hydrated!



What are your plans for the weekend?

Are you attending afropolitan vibes?

What will you be doing tonight?

Drop your comments down below. Don’t be shy ☺

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