Goodbye 19


19 has been an awesome year!

Too many things have happened in 19 that have literally changed my life and my outlook and approach of life in general.

I started blogging finally (yay me!), made new friends, got in touch with old friends, lost friends,  got a camera, traveled, laughed, cried (a lot), explored , loved, discovered myself and tried happiness.


In summary, 19 has been a year for living.

These last few weeks were an honest battle for me and I found myself getting drained. I got too used to saying “I’m still a teenager, there’s still time to achieve …..”And it finally hit/ caught up with me that time has passed by pretty quickly and I better get my act together. A very resounding wake-up call if you ask me.

I voiced my fears and worries to a certain few people (2 people really) and they became my life lines/anchors in the chaos. I’d wake up or sleep to the most awesome motivational messages, and have them constantly checking up on me and what not. (They made a girl feel extra special like fresh pancakes and jam).


I guess I was/still am scared of the responsibilities that will be added to the already preexisting ones I’ve been living with. When I turned 19, the most accurate message I got went along the lines “you are at the perfect age where you’re old enough to know better but young enough not to care” but 20 means I should be old enough to care.

Final year responsibilities are here too. I’m wondering how this girl will be able to balance blogging and all the hustle bustle of school. Please if you have tips share biko.

I’m afraid of making wrong choices and mistakes that I won’t be able to undo. Getting job offers that may help me down the line but now I have to be sure they’re genuine.

On a lighter note, my aunt and my cousins decided to have a girls day out and have lunch out after church service. We ended up at ICM on what felt like the hottest Sunday I’ve had throughout this period.


I got to enter Spur for the first time, after passing by each time I ended up at ICM, and I must say I was extremely impressed. It was like it was taken out of a western movie.


Their theme was so Indian/ cowboy/ western/ I don’t even know what to say but I loved it. It was different. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take many photos because I was more interested in ordering out of their menu that was as complicated as a biochemistry handout and getting the finally ordered food into my system.


Guess who had ribs for the first time? Me!! And I got a milkshake after a very long time (I missed those babies) and some other unhealthy stuff – were allowed a splurge meal once in a while. It keeps life balanced. A pretty filling meal even though by an hours’ time I was back in the kitchen for lunch 2.0.


All in all it was a not so bad day and ended with me falling asleep while preparing this post and waking up much later in the night confused.


At the end of the day, I can say I’m thankful for 19. I wish I had more time to enjoy it but hey, 20 is going to be awesome! And now I can genuinely say I’m Looking forward with great anticipation what 20 has in store for me.


27 thoughts on “Goodbye 19

  1. Well, u’v actually been doing a great job so far. Dunno why u should b pessimistic about future responsiblities. Remember u cant continue 2 put em off, d earlier u take em up and walk wif em, d better. Happy birthday Enoabasi!! God bless ya new age!!


  2. Lovely blog dear, all I’ll say is keep your head straight now that you are 20 and leave the Lord to bless your handiwork.


  3. Eno B…..I’m just so proud of u. 19 going on 20 is a biiiigggg achievement, u already know that. Tips for juggling school n blogging,….. Get a schedule, a realistic schedule,write it down n b determined to stick to it. You will find that you accomplish more when you stick to ur schedule. I’m not much of a schedule someborri but whenever I overcome the laziness of writing n I pen down my plans n then stick to my own timetable. I’m always happy with me afterwards. Hope this helps. Love u sweetie.


  4. I read EVERY POST on your blog. From March 25 till date.
    Eyeneka. 🤗🤗🤗. Happy birthday. When next you in Abj let me take you out. I wished happy birthday too on Twitter. Hope you have fun.


  5. I felt worse when turning 20 earlier in the year. I actually wept on my birthday, like from the last day of being 19 till the first day of being 20.I kept crying on my birthday. And people didn’t understand. A couple of friends at my school Church were befuddled. Even when they were praying for me, I was really crying. I was very scared of the responsibilities of being 20. Maybe because as a little child, people at 20 seemed older and had achieved so much in my little child’s minds eye. Luckily I had a good support system and my best friend told me clearly that nothing changes. You remain you and you can only make improvements. And so I did. For every step, I made at 19, I’m trying to take it two steps further. It’s really beautiful being 20. 20 is for YOU. You’re old enough to make certain decisions but still young enough that your mistakes won’t be counted against you. It’ll be an awesome 20 for you darling. Just breathe, eat and learn. Love, Cynthia


    1. You get it jare! But I didn’t cry, didnt want to ruin my make up 🙈🙈lol. I’m getting used to the feeling now sha. It’s not too much for me to handle. And I have th most awesome support systems. Already determined to make 20 awesome.


  6. I just turned 19 and decided yet again to open a blog. However, I want to stick by this blog this time! I hope I have a good 19th year and achieve a lot!


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