The Big 20!


Hello hello loves! Did you miss me? It’s been a very fast and exciting roller-coaster over here but I’m glad to say the ride has ended and it’s time to come back to reality.

So as we all know, a certain someone turned 20 about 8 days ago *whoop whoop!* and although she was scared (here), she’s over it and enjoying the ride.

Tbh, I don’t know if this should be classified as tourist behavior as I did a little touring on that day. Anyways, let me get straight into it.

The day started off with phone calls and messages on the various social media platforms – felt extra special, and I finally got some shut eye around 3 or so. Woke up the next day because a certain someone decided to prank me by saying he was on his way over. I was in my ‘morning glory’ and that made me quickly hop into the shower and there I discovered I could shower and receive calls at the same time without dropping my phone – new talent acquired! Got dressed – in a shirt dress taken from my moms wardrobe and dolled up and just when I was about to hit the road, the heavens opened and the rain decided to come say happy birthday to me.  -_-

On the bright side, I got to have breakfast courtesy my cousin Ore and by the time I was rounding up, the sun came out to play. I quickly grabbed my umbrella – pretty crucial for the weather we’ve been experiencing, said my goodbyes and power walked to the bus stop. For the first time in a looooonnng time, I got a bus headed my way in less than 5 minutes and without any bodily harm too! So far the day was going perfectly well. The only down side was there was this lady who thought I was soft enough to be turned into a pillow and no matter how I tried to keep her upright she kept folding over. I still managed to squeeze a selfie in, although my discomfort was visible, when I remembered on my way to the bus stop someone told me my smile was gorgeous..


I got to my stop and my friend was not there. I ended up waiting for an hour before he showed up –by that time I was very prepared to turn around and head home. But I thought it through and told myself ‘Baby girl stay calm, its your day’ – it worked wonders.

We took a walk and after asking for directions we arrived at the destination for the day. It was *drumroll please*


I know what you’re thinking, why would you want to spend your 20th at a museum? And the answer is simple. I have a thing for old things.

The museum used to be Fela’s house and was converted to a museum to grant mere mortals like us the opportunity to walk where his feet once walked and imagine we were part of the historical time he lived in.

After speaking with Bamidele aka Dele, the tour guide for the day, we set off to begin a walk through history. Dele was extremely understanding and tolerating whenever I got extra excited or stopped him to get photos taken – my excuse was ‘it’s my birthday’ lol.

The tour went pretty smoothly and I see myself going back for a proper history class when it’s not my birthday. We ended up on the rooftop and we were fagged out by then so we took something to drink and went back to take photos in front of Fela’s head – a mural of his head really, it would have been awkward if it was an actual head. But his body lies in the compound so technically his head is still in the premises. I apologize, I diverge.


I enjoyed the tour even though I couldn’t purchase a Fela tee because they were going for 5k which was definitely not in my budget – just in case anyone of you decide to go and remember me, I wouldn’t mind one *hint hint* and the black one would be the best bet 😉

From there, we headed to another place for a little gift to me. I got a piercing done and I was proud of myself for not passing out like the first time I tried getting one. Long story for another time.

Then from there it was to the bank to let my friend do something, to coldstone for a cuppa goodness – at least this time we took keke.

We finally ended at the barbers shop after I convinced him to get a cut and guess who loved the cut after? Him! Y’all can come see me for advice when you want to get haircuts.

We went our separate ways and I headed to meet up with another person for the part 2. I found myself at a different dominoes branch and my friend surprised me with a birthday cake, which I’m munching on right now as I edit the final draft, and gifts. I love gifts. *another hint dropped*

The dominos staff ended up giving me gifts too and an awesome meal. I got to spend time there and they were every bit welcoming and made the days ending bearable.

This girlire young lady ended the day by going home and falling asleep almost immediately before I could reply any messages sent to me. That’s how exhausted I was.dsc_0437

But all in all, it was a beautiful day and I will forever remember the day because its not everyday you turn 20.


I look forward to experiencing 20 and hope you will join me on the journey that is to come.

Cheers to 20!

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