Product Review || Classic Makeup USA


Classic Makeup USA has been making a fast rise in the market recently. And I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts on the brand.

My first encounter happened to be at Wuse market one sunny afternoon last year when I stumbled across classic wine (a really beautiful ox blood shade) and getting it at N500 was a deal sealer. It was matte and stayed on all day once I applied it. I literally breathed it.


Over the months that followed I began to stock up on their products like their primer and lipstains and lipsticks. You name it!

Their eyeshadow primer worked splendidly with my eyeshadows and that made me warm and fuzzy  (I’m an eyeshadow junkie).


Quite recently I got to test their ‘Mist and Fix’ spray from a friends make-up box and was so impressed I purchased 2 bottles, at N1500, before the price doubles. I’m currently halfway into one bottle and this is after 3 months of almost constant usage. It’s been a while before any brand has tried to steal my heart from Zaron but it seems to try.


  • It’s pocket friendly.
  • It’s super pigmented.
  • The make-up doesn’t shift if applied properly.
  • The finishing spray gives a healthy glow.
  • They are upcoming and so have tons of room for improvement.



  • I tried their 60 shades eyeshadow pallet but wasn’t impressed. The ranges of colours were exciting so it was sad to see the pigmentation wasn’t what I expected.
  • There seems to be inconsistency in their foundation shades and because of this I stuck to zaron.
  • The product quality in the bottles seem to be better than those in their tubes.
  • They need to work on getting specific outlets to reduce fakes being circulated.
Hours later

All in all I think it’s a brand to consider when hitting the shops, market, studio or whatever.

What are your favorite makeup brands?Who’s has tried their products? Any products to look out for? Leave a comment below and share some info. 



6 thoughts on “Product Review || Classic Makeup USA

  1. Hi.. I follow you on IG.. I actually wanted to get their eye shadow because I thought the colours were going to be super pigmented but your review has enlightened me..

    Well.. I use their primer, lipstick and lipstains and most recently their powder which I love.. and yep! Real value for money.


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