Take me back to then times with the knowledge I have of today to relive my life.

A while back, I was talking with my mother and I remembered what it was like growing up.

When I would join the other kids to run races round the field and skip and climb the almond tree planted in front of our block.

They were the days of being endlessly happy and having no fear in my heart (apart from the fear of the dentists place) and being able to completely trust people (although this didn’t last so long).


I remember taking a trip to my grandmas for her birthday with my family about 10 years back. And my cousins and I, in an attempt to entertain ourselves during the trip, would look of the window of our moving vehicle and count the grave markers in every compound we passed on the way to the family house. We found it fascinating that each compound had at least 4 grave markers and would award the compound with the most with the title of winner or something like that. That was absurd right? Now I always wonder as to what the lives of those people were. Were they happy? Did they ‘live’? If given a second chance would they redo it all over?


It’s almost scary to think that someday, someone will stumble over something that will show/ speak of my existence, lie my blog, photography or social media, and ponder the exact same thing. Will I, wherever I am, have positive replies for the questions?



Now looking back I’ve come to realize there’s much more to life than that that meets the eye. We get so caught up in being model citizens and ‘blowing’ we sometimes forget to live. We try to factor in aspirations by creating bucket lists and new year’s resolutions without actually taking into consideration a whole lot. Like family, friends and ourselves. I’m guilty here too.

Those things then measure the life of a person and have a day on if you’ve ‘lived’ a life worth envying when in actuality we’re a little drop of water in an ocean.



At the end of the end of the day we’re all going to make mistakes and do things to those we care about. But what matters is how we address our failings. How we treat our families and how we treat our friends. How we forgive. And how we love.


We also never get the whole bucket list thing done, because if we do, there’s nothing to actually look forward and work towards achieving.

We end up adding new stuff to our list because every day there something new that amazes us.

That’s how we know were alive.

So be surprised in life and cherish the time you get for you never know when its going to end, for everyday is a gif and every moment is a blessing.


Have a lovely weekend and stay living.


2 thoughts on “Life

  1. Hey Eno, happy new year. Missed reading your posts. Hope school’s fine and not to stressful?. All the best dear. I just read the “45 lessons life taught me ” by Regina Brett and its truly inspiring, thank you for sharing it with us. Have a cheerful evening.


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