Dear Woman


My dear woman,

These are the things you should say to yourself;

I am more than the size of my hips or the fullness of my thighs.

I’m more than just female, inferior.

I’m powerful.

I’m more than just a pretty face

I’m poised.

I’m graceful.

I’m intelligent.


I’m more than the color of my skin,

Or the kink in my hair. 

I’m a warrior. 

I’m persistent.

I’m natures gift to man.

I’m a soul.

A life.

A life that matters.

I’m a thought.

A smile.

A tear.

I’m a dreamer

I’m more than just a future wife.

More than a homemaker.

I deserve happiness.

I am more than a figure in the census.

More than the size of my waist or breasts.

I’m an entity.

I’m a force to be reckoned with.

I’m a beautiful spirit in a body.

I’m more than my curves and folds

I’m brave.

I’m kind.

I’m warm.

I’m more than what you think.

I’m more than what you see.

I’m the future.

And if I’m not these things yet, I owe it to myself to become them. 

I am, woman.


Dear society,

What if you look at women as more than just bodies meant to be submissive or to end up as married house wives?

Do you remember they have ambition too? Dreams and aspirations?

Can you not feel threatened if a woman accomplishes a great feat and instead pat her on the back and congratulate her?

Can you not teach the children that it’s alright if little girls want to play with the leggo building set and not a cooking set?

Can you not give a helping hand to women and support them?



What if we stopped characterizing ourselves based on our bodies and physical attributes and instead focused on more? What we really had to offer.

What if we joined our hands together and helped each other? Instead of pulling each other? 

Embrace yourselves with pride and simply shine.

Maybe then, the world can be a better place if only by a notch.


With love,


11 thoughts on “Dear Woman

  1. My strength and pride as a son, brother, uncle, husband and father is to nurture my women to realise their God-given potentials with dignity, trust and love.
    I am with you my girl!!!

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