Life || 20 After 20

2017-03-24 03.48.46 1Here, I’ll be sharing 20 life lessons that I’ve learnt so far after turning 20. And no it’s not the same as the last one, its more or less like an update. To accommodate the growth experienced in these 6 months of 20.You might have read the first installment of this many months ago before I turned 20, but if not, you can always get yourself acquainted here.

1. Things don’t always work out. At least not the way you expect them to. But hold on, there’s always a silver lining in every dark cloud.

2. Failure doesn’t mean the end, retrace your steps and right your wrongs. Connect the missing link.

3. Cutting off split ends although painful is necessary for healthy growth. Some relationships are meant to end for you to grow.

4. Use your words. Don’t hold it in. no one will know what’s going on/ how you feel except you use your words.

5. Honesty even though it hurts is better than a sweet dishonesty. Rip that band aid right off or slowly. Just get if off and done with.

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6. Don’t be afraid to take a jump start on something you want to do. No matter how ‘late’ you feel it is.

7. Don’t beat yourself up too much, you’re human. Errors are normal.

8. You don’t have to win every fight. Concede and move on.

9. Speak up more often. You’re smarter than you think.

10. Accept defeat when necessary. If you’re in the wrong, accept it and apologise.

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11. Say NO. Or at least learn to say no.

12. When you get something good, fight for it, no matter what.

13. Still listen to your parents. They have your best interest at heart.

14. Plan a trip once at least. It’s good for the soul.

15. Swallow thy pride or ego. Whatever the case may be. It’s a deadly virus that eats away at the heart of man.

2017-03-24 03.48.57 1

16. Be more accommodating. Not everyone shares your value system or your beliefs. Make room for others. You’d be surprised at what you’d discover.

17. Procrastination, although a setback, is something that can never be fully overcome. Take it easy and work hard.

18. Fear is healthy. Just don’t let it get to you.

19. Still cry when you need it and laugh as often as possible. There’s no better cure otherwise.

20. And same like last time; trust God. Always.

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And on a lighter and celebratory note, today makes it one year since I hit the first publish button on the blog. And I must say I’m grateful for how far I’ve come and thankful to you (my reader).

Here’s to many more years of what we have.

Thank you and God bless!  

8 thoughts on “Life || 20 After 20

  1. Happy blog anniversary. Nice to watch a flower bloom and unfold. May your fragrance be always relevant. And thanks for making us (your readers) a part of this voyage of discovery and growth.


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