Tourist Behaviour! || Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State

DSC_0152And we’re back again with another award-winning episode of tourist behavior!! (Insert standing ovation) and this time it’s the Ekiti Chapter!So I realized it’s been ages since I put up one of these which is a bummer seeing as it happens to be one of my favorite on the blog.

I’m currently in Ekiti because school, and working on my finals and all. One of the perks is that I get to go out for my field work and I’m usually done in 4 to 5 hours and have about an hour to burn. I then realized, I’ve been in this state for 4 years and barely know any places apart from the route to chicken republic and back to school (foodie lifestyle), it hit me. It hit me hard. I need to get my act together and explore this rustic town before time here ran out. Fast forward to this day (the one that inspired my blog), I packed up my camera, opted out of wearing a vest and put on some comfy slippers and hit the town. Unfortunately due to poor planning, I didn’t exactly find any tour worthy places. I found that the places I wanted to go to were not exactly accessible due to the distance, but I learnt the importance of planning. I was only able to hit Ikare road, the Oja Oba market and the shopping complex after the market, took a few photos, talked to a few people and headed back to school.


But guess what; I’ll be sharing some tips on what you need to know if Ekiti is a place you want to visit. I guess I should have named this Beginners guide to surviving Ekiti huh? Bleeehh.


1. Get ready for weather extremes. It’s either too hot or too cold. Your wardrobe should be able to handle either extremely hot temperatures or sudden drops in the temperature. I’m talking like 33 degrees to 18 degrees. It’s that serious. But almost every day is summer so, it’s probably advisable to have cotton clothing and tons of sunscreen except you don’t mind being turned brown like me.


2. You might want to get the hang of some Yoruba. Pidgin is no good. Or almost no good. You’d be treated more fairly and they’ll have no reason to conspire against you. Spoken from experience.

3. Or at least have Yoruba friends or accompaniment. And ensure its one you can trust too. They take the burden off you.


4. Always price stuff when you go shopping. The vendors tend to over inflate their prices. Example, in town, I needed to get photocopies done and the lady first said N20 per page. Yes! N20. But I calmly said I’m paying N10 and that’s that. And the rest is history.

5. Online shopping is your friend. It’s hard to walk into a shop and find something you want like that. Jumia and konga are your next option.

6. Bikes a.k.a okada, are something you’ll have to try at least once. Especially if you don’t have a car. I remember the numerous times my friends and I have had to stand in the scorching sun for over 40 minutes and all that was available were bikes and for someone like me, who has a serious aversion to bikes, it was like the universe (Ekiti) was laughing in my face.

7. Always try to have the contact number of taxi drivers. They are lifesavers. I can’t count how many times  having the number of a taxi person has helped my ministry.


8. Take a deep breath. Life is too short to not breathe. Plus that split second might save you.

That’s all for now. If you have any other pointers as to living in Ekiti, kindly drop them in the comment section below.



3 thoughts on “Tourist Behaviour! || Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State

  1. Next time try Tantalizers; nice snacks. Oh, talking tourism, the people are polite, respectful and hard working. They cherish education. Finally, the fly over under construction is already changing the landscape. So, more cars and taxis will soon take over the town.


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