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It feels like just yesterday I was sending out New Years’ messages and making plans for the year and still making mistakes in writing down the date ( I still used to put 2016 down), and now June has come to an end already and that means, the first half of 2017 has come to an end. It’s time for a mid year reflection.

At the beginning of the year, while new years’ resolutions were being made by almost everyone, I stuck to making one major for myself that I felt covered the most influencing aspect in my life and hoped to not only reach them but to be able to maintain them. That’s where the problem usually lies. It’s not about achieving, but having the willpower and determination and drive to maintain the position once attained.

My goal was and still is – Growth, in all aspects. Most especially spiritual and cognitive

How far have I gone in achieving this goal?

It’s not been an easy journey, I will not lie, and it’s been one of the most difficult things to achieve. It’s almost as if once I made up my mind to actually have this growth, the universe has thrown every possible obstacle available in an attempt to ensure I fail. Why me mbok?!

But like some people say “It’s not only the destination that matters, but also the journey. For the journey makes the destination worthwhile.

Irrespective of the obstacles, I’ll keep on moving on and taking it all with great stride.

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One thing that helped me to achieve this was accepting that in life, we can’t always succeed on our own. No man is an island. We just weren’t built to be alone. Finding one or more persons who share the same goals as you do is the first step in reaching your target. There is strength in unity and I’ve learnt this firsthand.

The second is conscious effort; every moment of every day, constantly reminding myself that I’m part of something bigger and all I need to do is to keep the faith and persevere.

This kind of reminds me of a book we were made to read as part of our texts in literature; the old man and the sea. Pretty good book if I must say, had the most interesting tale about an old man, Santiago, that went out to sea and was determined not to return till he earned the title of fisherman as he had not had a single catch in the past 84 days or so and he achieved his rep back by catching the biggest fish to be caught in his area even though sharks had eaten  most of it. Long story short, persevere! The prize is right around the corner.


 Have I made an effort to maintaining the things achieved in the growth phase?

In terms of maintaining, let’s just say I’m still finding my ground. Spiritual and cognitive growth in this day and age isn’t as easy as it was before because temptation and distractions are literally everywhere.

Consistency is also something people find hard (me included) but now I can proudly say that I’ve upped my game. It’s been an uphill battle but I’m still standing strong and wearing my battle scars like the champ that I am.


I guess apologies are in order for being quiet for about 2 months (*face palm*) and trust me there is a very valid reason – finishing up at uni.

But on a lighter note, guess who’s done with her finals? Yep, this girl! What can I say? It’s literally the end and start of new things and baby girl is extremely excited to share what she has planned in store with you. So now the wait for convocation begins and in between that time, I’ll be picking up where I left off and continuing as usual and making a lot of upgrades.

Hint: major changes coming to this platform and still having sleepless nights over that. I hope you’re as excited as I am!

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Thanks for stopping by,


Have you achieved what you thought you would achieve yet?

What challenges have you faced on this journey?

What were the things that made the process easier/ smoother?

Let me know in the comment section below.


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