How to: Surviving Uni life


From my last post, you must have gotten the gist that I’m in the process of rounding off with uni and believe me when I say, the years might have been stressful but this year in particular had to be the most demanding and stressful of all. But as usual, I’ve found some ways to make this lap pretty enduring and yes, as usual; I’ll be sharing them with you.

  1. They are like a Chinese balm on a cold harmattan night if I must say. Relieving you of aches and pains and burdens and boredom etc. I have been blessed at every point in my life to have the most awesome friends ever. But like every balm, you must pick the right ones that won’t cause you harm.
  2. Personal time. It can get overwhelming believe me. From the classes to the assignments to the tests and don’t forget having to go round after lecturers and still manage to squeeze in study time? It’s like one big anthill. Without personal time, it can get a tad-bit overwhelming. For a while I remember being all about just school and all without time for myself and how stressed I was (mentally) and it felt like I was reaching my breaking point. I took time off everything and grabbed a movie, some junk food (chocolate) and just chilled. By the time I was done with that, I felt brand new. DSC_1526
  3. Lists the things you’re grateful for. I do that when things don’t seem to be going my way. It’s like taking ice-cream after a walk in 33o sun. It cools the system down from the interior and puts a smile on your face.
  4. Meditation/ prayer. It’s refreshing to take some time and just talk to someone who is always there and wants to listen to you as well as time for you to listen to the voice that knows all. DSC_1550
  5. Find a hobby. For me I have quite a number. Photography on @theaveragenigerianfemale (you can check that out on instagram), makeup-ing duties, writing (I have a ton of stuff stashed on my computer), drawing (even though this now occurs at the back of my notes) and of course singing till my roommates beg me to stop.
  6. Know when to take a break. When a system is heating up, it’s advisable to turn it off and let it rest. Never forget you’re human and don’t beat yourself up for getting tired.DSC_1535

Love and light, always!


What tips did you apply in surviving uni? Let me know, drop them in comment section below!

4 thoughts on “How to: Surviving Uni life

  1. Sooo true! Good friends, novel reading (great hobby) & personal time all helped. Also a focused study group goes a long way to relieve the stress.


  2. Sports: running round the field and having the air blow the worries away; and playing volleyball were excellent ways of controlling stress. Also, watching different plays at the Arts Theatre was good for relaxation and some reflection. Strolling down the well laid walk ways, stopping at the zoo and botanical garden of my university, oh, sure makes me.nostalgic! Thanks foe making me go down memory lane.


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