Tips for Touristing to Ghana by Air

Akwaaba to another tourist tip session brought to you live by Uyai *insert cheering crowd here*. So quite recently I got the opportunity to travel to Ghana but not in my usual way which is by road, but by air for the first time.

Cassandra of Cassie Daves had kept me all up in my feels for quite a while with all her Ghana posts (insert major side eye) as I’ve wanted to go back for a good 7 plus number of years now, so imagine how excited I was when I got an invite to apply to attend the first ever “African Youth SDG’s Summit” that would be held in Ghana in November! I didn’t even waste time thinking about it too much as I immediately sent in an application and the next day was shortlisted to attend. I patiently waited for about 6 weeks till it was time and did a bit of questioning about what I needed prior to my trip.DSC_0305

So the organizing committee of the summit was supposed to host us for about 4 days from the 31st of October to the 3rd of November but me being me planned my trip for the 30th of October to the 6th of November even though that ended up lasting till the 7th (I’ll have the gist down soon 😉 ) because I can’t come and not tourist.

On the 30th, I took off from the Nnamdi Azikiwe Int’l airport Abuja and landed at the Kotoka Int’l Airport Accra. The total transit was less than 2 hours, which is waaayy less than going by road. In usual fashion, I took note of certain things and was grateful for the few things I knew courtesy my Ghana based friends who sent some advice prior to my trip and again, in usual fashion, I have gracefully created a post on this. So, let’s dive right in!

  1. Yellow card.
    Image via NSG

    This must be updated and intact if you want smooth passage. This was what immigration looked out for as I got my visa on arrival.

  2. Immigration form.
    This should be properly filled so as to avoid being held longer than necessary.
  3. A SIM card.
    Don’t roam your Nigerian sim, get a Ghanaian sim card. I repeat, get a Ghanaian sim card. Except you’re one of them people who can afford and stand with the roaming rates then go ahead.
  4. Money conversion.
    Image via Cassie Daves

    Don’t change all your, money at the airport. Change a very small part, because, airport rates are not exactly the best in the market.

  5. Don’t let anyone assist you to push your trolley to the car park or to your car. They will tax you like they own your wallet.
  6. Don’t be in a hurry. airport-kotoka-international-airport-accra-DGAA-ACC-987fb7e2c6_zTake your time to pull your thoughts together. Sit in the waiting area or grab a snack at the food court. Just breathe, except you’re in a rush then please go right ahead.
  7. Shine your eye. In as much as it’s an airport, you can still be sure to see the regular characters outside looking for a way to make quick cash so be smart.

I’ll leave y’all with the 7 tips above to whet your appetite for my next few posts inspired by my, you guessed it, Ghana trip!


Traveled to Ghana by air?

What tips do you have to share?

Leave a comment below, let’s interact!

One thought on “Tips for Touristing to Ghana by Air

  1. Wow just two hours or less to get to Ghana.. I am just here rolling my eye and thinking it takes longer to commute in lagos traffic.. I look forward to reading your next post, let us experience Ghana through you.

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