Places and Things to See on a Short Trip to Ghana

Anyone who knows me knows that wakabout is in my blood and you can always rely on me to share the places I visit that I think you should visit too.

In this post, I’ll be sharing some awesome and highly recommended places to visit and interesting things to do to make the most of your time/ stay in Ghana awesome. Especially if like me, you had 2.5 days to see and do it all.

  1. Visit a beach.DSC_0390I went to Vienna beach in Labadi with my people and we spent about 2 hours before we had to go drop-off one of us at the airport. You can take a dip in the ocean or ride one of the horses or patronize the local artist or eat some food, whatever you want. DSC_0406DSC_0403But remember to have fun!DSC_0407DSC_0410

     Just popping a squat here and there
  2. Explore night life with Smirnoff, tilapia and banku.12520215763_18ffee5b13_b
    We got to sit out in one of those joints and order beautifully prepared tilapia with banku even though I couldn’t take  more than a bite of this but the tilapia, I loved!
  3. Dine in an aircraft. DSC_0817Yes, I meant what I said. The restaurant was once an operational craft till it shut down for business. Unfortunately,  when we arrived, it wasn’t open for the day. I later found out that they don’t operate like regular  restaurants, they have their own schedule.DSC_0812DSC_0835You can  be sure that on my next trip, I’ll ensure I dine here.
  4. Aburi Botanical Garden.

    This sorts of reminds me about the botanical garden in Calabar, Cross River State, the only difference is that it’s more maintained than the one in Calabar.
    Also, feel free to have some suya from the suya vendors and wash that down with some fresh juice or in my case ice cream.

  5. Go learn some history at Cape Coast Castle.
    I won’t say anything on this as this is a post of it’s own.
  6. Face your fears at the Kakum National park.Kakum National ParkWe drove all the way here just to be told on arrival that it was closed for the day (talk about major disappointment) so we ended up buying a beautiful bunch of bananas from a trader there at Ghc 5 to make up for the disappointment.
  7. Visit Hans cottage and pet a croc.
    A very tired and hungry Eno

    Hans cottage is  a beautiful place to visit as it has the aesthetically pleasing environment and the water lilies and potted plants just added to it. It also has this ‘vibe’ I can’t fully explain but love to it.

    The down side is there are mosquitoes. So, if you’re heading there, you should go with insecticide or something. No jokes!DSC_0344
    DSC_0358Also, the place doubles as a croc viewing/ petting place, so if you’re into playing house with animals meant to viewed from far, please by all means, go ahead. I stayed on the other side of the fence because, I only have one life to live.

  8. Try dining the Ghanaian way.img_8652-e1427567941782

    On many occasions, I had the opportunity to try out Ghanaian food and although it was not what I was used to, its  something I myself trying again in the near future.Banku-with-Tilapiaghana-chicken-stew-6-e1426553153350I love trying out new food and believe me when I say it’s something you should definitely try doing.

All in all, Ghana life in 2.5 days went pretty well thanks to these few things and places and I look forward to  having another go but hopefully this time, it’ll be a week of wakabout.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed  this post. Please leave a comment, let me know what you think and if you’d be brave enough to try these!





16 thoughts on “Places and Things to See on a Short Trip to Ghana

  1. You would make a great travel buddy!! I just want to do all those things. I love travelling so much but have not yet had enough funds to really travel. So for now I travel with my eyes. And your pictures did justice. I love the eat in a plane place! Such a cool idea. Thanks for sharing. When I go to Ghana, I’ll come back to this post and tick off these spots as I visit 😊


  2. Nice one on Ghana! Really hope you get a 2nd visit. I keep dreaming of a trip too. And maybe will get to taste kenke and banku again.
    Welcome traveller.


  3. Nice on Ghana ,I would really love to visit all these places but money will not let me be great …Thanks for sharing 😄


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