Weekend Behavior || Girls Day Out + Uncle D’s Restaurant Review

This year, one thing I’m committed to, is spending my time wisely and with people who actually matter. And as luck would have it, me and some of my best people are serving in the same state (yes, I’m currently doing NYSC), and we try to meet up for a ‘girls day’, seeing we can’t exactly go on a ‘girls trip’ that often.92154980-3C7C-4F61-A31D-90EF33F1DC9F1A6FF360-FA85-43CC-B84D-4EDF90513F6B

The wakabout took us to the gates or should I say the doors of one of my fast becoming favorite restaurants in Abuja; Uncle D’s Restaurant because, food is one of the things that has succeeded in keeping my attention both in and outdoors.

That day was filled with a lot of insta-stories, from me mostly, and I ran a  poll asking my insta-fam if they wanted a review and their response says it all.


The first time I heard about the place was an invite by the kind Joanne (@jojoooooba on Instagram) to attend a movie night in December and I went with my sister and watched ‘Home Alone’. I was very impressed by the customer service and the ice cream that I, in usual fashion, decided that it deserved another visit but this time when they were operating to normally to get an actual feel of the place.

work station at Uncle D's resturant538E8B97-CD79-494A-B10B-4DA6F9FDAC2D

On arrival we took a seat at the ‘work station’ corner as I like to call it but we wanted to be enveloped by their popular insta-famous red chairs and we ended up relocating there. We were instantly approached by a server with the menu. We went over the menu and decided on a burger fusion for her while I went with a milkshake in vanilla, the 10 piece wings and half fries. In about 30minutes or so, both meals had been served and we dug right in.


The food was pretty awesome and I loved the fact that the person who attended to me was attentive and didn’t hesitate to come around when I called. It was so good we ended up waiting another hour or so for the burger buns to be baked to order another burger, waffles and chicken to go!


Features of Uncle D’s

  • Their toilets were clean and stocked with toilet paper, hand wash and paper towels. A clean toilet is always a turn on!
  • See through glass walls which allows you to monitor your meal prep process.2A07E79B-68F1-4A84-ADAB-E98A981792BD289E8469-F568-4960-BEFD-8353525152D0
  • Photogenic theme which is especially great for creatives.
  • A fun wall that has different photo frames with funny quotes about food.BF60AF75-6502-44F0-A52B-863952661AD4
  • Great food and awesome customer service!
  • I’d rate them an 8 out of 10.

Final verdict


It is a nice space for different levels of people; from friends having a hangout, to couples on a date, to families on a family outing etc.

And now that there’s Valentines day coming off and after that, Easter, you now have one more place to add to your list if you have one or if you don’t.

All in all, Uncle D’s is definitely a place to hit if you’re in Abuja!

Location: No 85, Aguiyi Ironsi Street, opp the Yoruba mosque, Cappador, Maitama.

Their Instagram is @uncledsabuja so you can follow and keep track of movie nights, promos and etc. Thank me later!

Have you been to Uncle D’s? If yes, how was the experience? Any suggestions to places I should hit?

Have a great week!

9 thoughts on “Weekend Behavior || Girls Day Out + Uncle D’s Restaurant Review

  1. Currently salivating as I read your post! Your pictures are very crisp and neat. Love the edits too. I’m a sucker for burgers and an clean diners! The cleanness of bathrooms cannot be overemphasized. All the best with your NYSC 😊

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