Easy, Healthy and Delicious Banana Bread Recipe

This is the easiest, healthiest and  most delicious banana bread recipe you will ever come across. It can definitely be enjoyed by everyone at home, from the kids to the parents, everyone loves a slice of good ol’ banana bread!

Welcome to the first installment of Uyai’s Kitchen™. I’ll be incorporating my love for cooking and of course, seeing as I have a BSc. in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, they’ll be nutritionist certified too, so, you’re sure of the best.

I’ve been baking as far back as junior secondary school but for some reason, I always claim Uni, I stopped along with painting and other art forms but I recently got back in the kitchen out of anger when a certain Instagram vendor wanted me to pay N4000 for banana bread that is half of the size of the one I made using this recipe and it cost way less than that and was a healthier option too. I wasn’t about to do that because girls don’t have money to blow anyhow. And as usual, you get the Uyai recipe here for free. How to make healthy banana bread


  • 4 overripe bananas
  • 3 small eggs
  • 2 teaspoons of baking powder
  • A pinch of salt
  • 1 glass of soy milk which is about 350mls. I made mine at home the day before.
    If you want a recipe, indicate in the comment section below asap!
  • Flour 3 cups which was half a module
  • 2 table spoons of honey
  • 2 table spoons of oil. I used canola oil
  • Baking tin. I used an old cookie container
  • Clean hands and clean working surface
  • Coconut essence as I didn’t have vanilla. You can use whichever you want
  • Good music playlist

Cooking Time

2 hours with prep, mixing and baking included. Clean up as you go to make the work easier.

Step 1

Turn up the volume of your music. Sift and mix all the dry ingredients together, i.e flour, baking powder, and salt, in a big bowl and set aside.DSC_0058

Step 2

In a clean bowl (I used a large mug), mash the bananas, crack the eggs in and dd the oil. Then mix till even and you get desired chunk size of banana.

Please wash your eggs before use, salmonella is real. At this point, you’ll want to pre-heat your oven at the lowest setting to get it nice and warm.

Add your honey, essence and mix it in too.

Quick and easy banana bread recipeQuick and easy banana bread recipe

Step 3

Pour the mixture achieved in step 2 into the bowl that has the dry ingredients and mix till the consistency is that of over cooked Quaker Oats. Please take care to not over manipulate the batter as it will affect the final results. Don’t mix it as though you are trying to get the lumps out of semo and the heat of the pot is getting to your hands. I have warned you.

Add your milk to the batter and lightly mix that in using the folding in method.

Quick and easy banana bread recipe
Home made soy milk

Quick and easy banana bread recipe

Step 4

Grease your baking tin with some oil and pour your batter in. I couldn’t find the ones at home so I made do with this old cookie tin that every African home seems to have and is commonly used for storing the threads and needles. IDK how and why that even became the norm. easy, healthy and delicious banana bread recipeeasy, healthy and delicious banana bread recipe easy, healthy and delicious banana bread recipe

Step 5

Pop that baby into the pre heated oven and allow to bake for about an hour or till a skillet or fork comes out clean when used to pierce the bread. Once done, allow to cool in the tin for about 15 minutes and transfer to a rack or a plate for further cooling.

If you’re not so patient like me, slide it into the fridge to speed the process up.

 easy, healthy and delicious banana bread recipe

And there you have it, an easy, healthy and delicious banana bread recipe that will and can be enjoyed by everyone in the family.

The banana bread can be enjoyed hot, warm or cold with a wide range of drinks and/or beverages. For storage, wrap in foil and tie in a nylon bag or in an airtight container in the fridge or freezer. This was so good and I even took some to work to be enjoyed by the girls and the leftovers lasted for 4 days.

easy, healthy and delicious banana bread recipe
If you make this recipe, snap a pic and hashtag it #uyaiskitchen — I would love to see your creations on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter!

I hope you enjoyed Uyai’s Kitchen, let me know in the comment section below and till next time, here’s a picture of the breakfast I had on the day my banana bread prep happened.

easy, healthy and delicious banana bread recipe


10 thoughts on “Easy, Healthy and Delicious Banana Bread Recipe

  1. Looks very straight to the point. I’ve never been a fan of banana cakes as I prefer my bananas whole but with everyone talking about how much healthier this is, I might just try it out.

    Princess Audu


    1. It’s a great tasting bread and the fun thing is that you can modify it to suit your tastes and its a great way to salvage bananas that are almost bad.
      Thanks for stopping by


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