Home, My Place in the World

The concept of home is one many people spend most of their lives trying to understand and  mirage people keep trying to find in reality. I was one of those part of the search and finally, in my 21 years of life, I have come to understand where my place in the world is. The place I call home.


Home to me is; the sound of my mother laughing till tears run down her cheeks while talking on the phone to her sisters, my father and I taking long drives and having endless discussions about everything, my sisters and I arguing over trivial issues, the mischief I feel while disturbing/ bothering my elder brothers. These are the thoughts and memories that come to mind when I think of home.

Home also is, the warmth I feel in my stomach when Mimi calls me babe and laughs at my silly jokes. It also is the peace I feel when I get off the phone with either one of my best friends, the warmth in my various girlfriends hugs and the secrets we’ve shared over the years.

That is home.

Sisterhood, another glimpse at home
Sisterhood, another glimpse at home

So, for me, home is not that far away or some glamorous place. Its where I feel the most peace, acceptance, self awareness, and a sense of belonging. It’s a place I wouldn’t trade up for anything and a place in the world, where I can just be ‘unapologetically’ me.

And that my friends, is my place in the world.

5 thoughts on “Home, My Place in the World

  1. Beautifully written. I can feel the joy, security, peace and love in your home. Your family sounds amazing;- the kind of family I would love to meet. Thank you for sharing your place in the world with us.

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  2. This is absolutely beautiful. I love the simplicity but depth of your words.
    Home is always where I find joy, when I speak to my sisters and we laugh or cry about life, when I talk to my fave friends, where I talk about how to improve my country, my family and my life.
    I receently truly realized that home is where I make it.
    Love, love , love this post!

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