Blogger Babes Talk Body Type

Sometime last month, I had the opportunity to collaborate with some of my favorite female bloggers (whom I have stalked since 2016, the first time I hit the publish button) on body types and how they are dressed.

In life, it’s very rare to find people who are the exact same whether they fall under the same classification, and this is what makes us unique.

During the period of the shoot, I loved especially how comfortable we all were in our various bodies and this was a first hand showcase on what having the “right” sort of clothes that fit and flatter our specific body types goes a long way to boost our confidence levels and esteem levels.

Blogger Babes Talk Body Type
Alma, Larisa, Onyiye, Sara, and Eno

My blogger babes all had a bit to say about body types and how to dress to flatter your own unique type:

Larisa says; “Knowing your body type helps a lot because you can always know what suits you and works for you. But remember to always wear whatever you are comfortable in as long as you are happy.”

Sarah says; “Do not take dressing for your body type too seriously as you’re allowed to wear whatever you want as long as you’re comfortable. However, following guides and dressing accordingly to your body type is just a way to help you.”

Alma goes on to describe the various body types of the blogger babes that took part in the collaboration as well as her impression on our outfits of choice.

Onyiye gave the technical side of body types in general and specified which one we all fell under.


Prior to working with them, I had the general idea of what body types were but once I went online for the sake of research for this collaboration, I was met with so much more and I was truly amazed but they can all be narrowed down into four main types;

  • The rectangle
  • The hourglass
  • The triangle downwards or apple
  • The triangle or pear

Blogger Babes Talk Body Type
Sarah Audu

Sarah of Princess Audu

Sarah is the mastermind behind this collaboration, so you probably should make a quick stop at her blog to say a kind word or two as the spirit leads.

She falls under the rectangular body type and she flatters her figure by settling with a pair of palazzo pants that give the illusion of a cinched waist and the slightly loose pink top adds the right sort of balance to her upper half.

The heels give the outfit that extra oomf and that smile is like cherry on icing.

If you are rectangular shaped, it means your shoulders, waist, and hips are roughly the same size.

Larisa of Larisa le Fleur IMG_8149

The hourglass body type is what she has. Quite often, her body type is classified as being ‘set’ and has many people, guys and girls alike turning their heads.

She flatters her petite figure with a loose fitted yellow lace dress that is at the perfect length that gives her the illusion of being taller and she as well, pairs this up with a pretty pair of strappy heels that adds miles to her leg.

The hourglass is when the shoulders and hips are roughly the same sizes and you have a smaller defined waist.

IMG_7935Onyiye of Modavracha

Fun fact: Sarah and Onyiye share the same body type but with their own unique modifications.

Onyiye is taller and more obvious side of the scale and she added curves to her figure with this beautiful outfit and crop pants with detailing

If you are rectangular shaped, it means your shoulders, waist, and hips are roughly the same size.

Alma of The Style Cheapskate IMG_8138

She is also petite like Larisa but has what is described as the triangle downwards or apple shape.

Alma played this down with a solid black tank top that and a kimono and short set that she used to accentuate her waist and drew attention to her print as well as show off her gorgeous legs.

Heels are definitely a plus for giving the look a finishing touch as well as that game face!

The apple or triangle downwards is when a person has broader shoulders and upper section than hips.



Like Sarah said in her post, my body type has changed due to weight gain and like my friend said, an hourglass is in my future if only I join the waist training gang. But for now, I’m good love, enjoy.

I’m currently in between a full hourglass in  plus size frame when in form-fitting outfits and a pear when dressed like I did for the shoot.

I used a kimono and palazzo set to give the illusion of fuller hips and a smaller bust section.
A pear or triangle is when the person has a fuller bottom i.e. hips than a top.

You can definitely dress in a way that alters your body type thanks to variety in outfit choices and I think inasmuch as its generally advisable to stick to what fits your type, it’s also fun to play around with outfit choices as long as that makes you happy. Your clothes should be expressive and should be a mirror of who you are and how you’re feeling (except you’re a lawyer, (JK)), except you’re stuck in a uniform.


My expression is: “Comfort is key!”.

In conclusion I’ll say, experiment with the recommendations, find your style and do you!


Love and light,

What are your thoughts on body types and dressing for them?
What’s your body type?

Photography: Dkinboss and Sarah’s sister (feature photo)
Outfit: Noj Official
Sandals: Lucy Daves
Location: The Dome, Abuja

6 thoughts on “Blogger Babes Talk Body Type

  1. Finally. Been waiting for a post. Welcome back uyai.
    I have an apple shaped bod with a slightly larger mid-section. For girls with this type of body, Jackets and loose slacks are your best friend. Also I think showing off a little skin never hurts. Especially if you are on the plus side


  2. Welcome back. Interesting read.
    Some body shapes defy categorization especially when age hits! The pics are cheerful and nice gifts to start the day.


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