Going Back to the Basics

Looking back at when I started “blogging, I remember I enjoyed sharing my day to day experiences, while making them sound like stories worth telling, I also created consistent and original ‘stuff’.

But as time went on, I got caught up in the bug of finding a niche to define my work such that if I went out, I could say;” Hello, I’m Eno and I’m a life and beauty blogger”. When I should have just stuck to being a blogger.

I literally just spent the past 2 hours reading through my favourite posts all from 2016 and wondering why I let myself get this far.

It is a huge disservice to not only you, my reader, but to myself as well.

I’ve let down myself because the joy that comes from this, is barely there anymore. And so, I have promised myself, this year, to go back to the basics and find that joy I got whenever I sat at my laptop to put so.ething new put.

So, get ready for my 800+ words and my usual digressing and tons of photos because, the Uyai family is going to make a comeback this 2019.

And on that note, I wish you a happy New year and I hope you join me in rediscovering my passions and on this journey called life.

Love and light,


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