Still, #IWD2019 was one to remember. And I loved how the season ended with the creation of an all-encompassing space where women globally feel included. Dove has partnered with Getty images to have a more inclusive representation of women in media with their awesome #ShowUs campaign and trust me when I say, I am here for it!

Seeing some of my faves and social media acquaintance like Yagazi amd Zuliat involved in the process made this campaign feel even closer to home and not just a sales stunt.

Holding a book. Half of a yellow sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Half of a Yellow Sun

I have 2 wonderful sister that I love to death. The immediate being 7 years older than I so you see, we are not exactly the poster image for the exciting adventures of sisterhood.

Most of my childhood, and sometimes now, I  wished we were closer in age to fit into the stereotypical projection displayed in media. But now I’m older, I have been given a different opportunity to actually be friends with my sisters and know them in a different context. To know them as people outside the walls of family setting and I love it.

I had always imagined how swell it would be to be like the people I saw who were on a “secret sharing basis” with their sisters and closer in age that I didn’t stop to appreciate what it was that I had. So, this is me, being thankful for the gap and the chance I had to be friends with my wonderful sisters.

Over my course of life, I’ve been connected with wonderful women who at the various stages in the life cycle, acted as my sisters, supported me when I needed help, and gave me the best memories of my life and have made my life truly rich.

These women, have played a vital role in my life and I in theirs, I hope, and now, I’ve lost track of where I was headed.

Self Portrait Sessions, 2018.

At the end of the day, the message is, celebrate women. All women. Everyday, not just one month out of twelve and remember to say one thing to the special women in your life.

Love and light,

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