Travelling with THE green passport

The green passport commonly owned by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) member states have been around for some time and for frequent travellers, they sometimes come with setbacks and a certain type of treatment best not mentioned today.

It is no secret that I’m Nigerian by nationality, and my wandering feet means I have had my fair share of disappointments whenever I see the costs of applying for a visa talk less of the actual tickets. I remember one time I spent up to 3 hours along with my travel group waiting for clearance in Egypt after almost 6 hours of travelling while those with red and blue passports were cleared in 30/40 minutes tops.

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Once upon a time I thought that I could only visit our neighbour countries visa free as they are also in the ECOWAS clique but that quickly changed when when I stated looking up potential baecation destinations *hint hint, wink wink!

So, today’s post is looking at 40 something countries Nigerians can visit without the hassle of visa applications in 2019.

Check out visa free countries that Nigerian passport holders can visit:

Visa free means one can travel to these places without having to apply for a visa prior to the trip but these places, inasmuch as they are visa free, may have various restrictions and processes unique to the various countries to be noted before arrival.

Also, some have time limitations in which you are allowed to stay visa free but once that elapses, you have to process a visa and some require a fee to be payed in order to receive the visa on arrival.

Therefore, it is highly advisable to do your research before you travel to avoid surprises and being cheated due to ignorance.

  1. Bangladesh – visa given on arrival
  2. Barbados – 6 month visa free
  3.  Benin Republic – visa free
  4. Burundi – 30 days visa on arrival
  5.  Burkina Faso – visa free
  6.  Cameroon – visa free
  7.  Cape Verde – visa given on arrival
  8.  Chad – visa free
  9.  Cote d’Ivoire – visa free
  10. Comoros Island – visa given on arrival
  11. Djibouti – visa given on arrival
  12.  Dominica – 21 days visa free
  13.  Fiji – 4 months visa free
  14. Gambia – 90 days visa free
  15. Ghana – visa free
  16. Guinea Bissau – 90 days visa free
  17. Haiti – 90 days visa free
  18. Iran – visa given on arrival
  19. Kenya – 90 days visa on arrival
  20. Liberia – visa free
  21. Madagascar – 90 days visa on arrival
  22. Mali – visa free
  23. Maldives – 30 days visa on arrival
  24. Mauritania – visa given on arrival
  25. Mauritius – 90 days visa free
  26. Micronesia – 30 days visa free
  27. Nauru – visa given on arrival
  28. Niger Republic – visa free
  29. Palau – 30 days visa on arrival
  30. Samoa – 60 days visa on arrival
  31. Senegal – visa free
  32. Seychelles – visa free
  33. Sierra Leone – visa free
  34. Somalia – visa given on arrival
  35. Sri Lanka – electronic travel authorisation
  36. Tanzania – visa given on arrival
  37. Timor-Leste – 30 days visa on arrival
  38. Togo – visa free
  39. Tuvalu – 30 days visa on arrival
  40. Uganda – visa given on arrival
  41. Vanuatu – 30 days visa free

I hope with this in mind, you can break out of your comfort zone and actually explore the world with that Nigerian passport in hand!

Check out 40 something visa free countries Nigerian nationals can visit!

My next travel post will be a recount on my trip to Barcelona, Spain. Lowkey can not wait to share the experience with you. Till next time…

Love and light,

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