Life Lately | Final 2019 Quarter Update

1pm 22nd Nov. 2019
I am sitting in a meeting room, waiting for the remaining executives of the Student Media Community/ Society to show up for our weekly meet and I finally decided to put the wait time to good use and come back here.
It feels as though I have been more absent than present here in the past year or so and almost each time I promise to do better, I don’t.

Looking at it now, it just goes to show sometimes, life doesn’t exactly give you what you think it should or pan out the way you imagined. I never knew 2019 would be the year that broke me down and built me back up stronger and more in tune with the universe. I shared a whole lot on my insta and in real time about the up’s and downs I faced. Catch up here

Life lately;

  • Grad school has been tough, I kid you not. It is not a joke and now I can fully relate to all the college memes I see on social media. From the feeling of frustration to rushing to meet deadlines to just wanting to drop everything and go back home, I felt it all.
  • Assessments although better than taking exams, are demonic things that somehow find a way to break my back but I would like to think I have gotten a hang of it.
    Update in 2020 – I did.
  • Making friends in the adult stage is hard af! It’s almost like I miss my home friends and so, am not very keen to mingle with the new people I meet but then end up feeling like a lone wolf when I don’t have any school engagements.
  • I miss the banter that comes with being back in home country and the weather too!
  • I made friends and had a ton of travel. Places like Spain, Uganda, and Dubai got ticked off the list. Here’s to hoping more travel comes in the new year!


Welcome to the new decade clan! How did January go for you?
I started this post originally in 2019 but I fell out of the zen mode and found myself in 2020 on the 31st of January rushing to meet the deadline of at least 1 post per month. Why you might ask? I have a group of writers who I am now accountable to and so, in usual Eno fashion, I will keep to my word.

New decade update:

  • I turned 23 finally! P.s., still accepting gifts
  • I finally started vlogging and went live on YouTube. Check it out!
  • I moved to a new insta platform because I felt like I had grown beyond the initial one. Feel free to join the community @becomingeno
  • I deferred my dissertation (gist for another day)
  • I returned to home base in Abuja, Nigeria.
  • I have a lot of work to get done for my dissertation as it is due this year.
  • I want to be a good person this year. A better friend, listener, creative and all round person.
Check out my YouTube here!

I have so much to write about and to share but this will have to do for now. Hopefully in the coming months, I get my mojo back and get back into being the consistent queen you all deserve to have.

Love and light,

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