Top 9 Gift Ideas for your Nigerian Creative Friend

If you’re here it’s one of three things;

  • You’re curious about what to gift your creator friend,
  • you saw this post pop up and just want to read,
  • or you’re someone I know personally and I bullied you into reading.
  • Either way, you’re welcome, and now, let’s get into it.

Shameless plug: my birthday is in a few hours and I have received about 10 or so questions on what I would like for my birthday. Because I’m not a thief, I held back on requesting gifts of the real estate kind.

However, when I went online, I couldn’t find gift ideas that were really realistic or applicable especially to the Nigerian/ African community. In true Eno fashion, I’m here to save you all. And yes, these are things I would very much appreciate as well.

Today, I share 9 gift ideas for a Nigerian/ African creative and why you should go for them.

  • Data subscription for a month or money for data. We all know how expensive data is and we know our ISP’s don’t have the fear of God when it comes to data pricing. For example, I spend up to N20,000 for my data subscription with ntel ( about $60), N5,000 or so with my sim provider ($13) and that’s because it’s crucial for me to get work done as I’m heavily reliant on being online. Hence, a token to help out in these costs is guaranteed to make your friend smile.
  • A photo shoot. the cost of paying a photographer every now and then can be pretty substantial especially when its every month and for the whole year. asking their preferred photographer is or checking their captions/ tag for photo credit, or just surprise them with an entirely new person.
  • Spa session. You can get an open ended (if you have the funds) or service specific gift card for your creative person. At a spa, there’s the offer of facials, manicures & pedicures, massages, waxing, threading and a whole host of other things. If you’re not one to play the guessing game, you could always ask them what service they would prefer within a budget you’re offering.
    One of my birthdays back in 2017, I was gifted a spa session where I had a deep facial and pedicure/ foot massage session and let me tell you, it is one of the memorable gifts till date.
  • Plants, framed photos, props. This is for aesthetic purposes. Their work is heavily reliant on visuals and photos are an essential component in this. Gifting them plants, and other things that can be used as props, tells your interest not only in them but in their craft and nothing says ‘I care’ more than that. Examples of props; aesthetic vases, mirrors, quirky paper weights, artificial plants. You are welcome.
  • Action based gift. Now would be a great time to subscribe to their YouTube channel, blog, and/ or mailing list, follow their social media accounts, go on an engagement spree and like/ comment on their old work. The joys of creative work is that most times, it is dependent on engagements. So, like and engage away!
  • Share their work, be their PR person! Post their links, share your favorite post that they made and market them into their next deal.
#dearanon, please be reading this too.

Curious about what to gift your content creator friend? Here are some ideas to get you started!

  • Content Creation Tools Subscription. Like the very first point, taking some burden of cost off the table is really helpful. This is especially great if gifting cash makes you uncomfortable. Tools like canva, inshot, are a prime staple for the creatives here.
  • Purchase their work or pay for their service. Practically all creatives have something they have to offer. It could be a service like Instagram revamp, social media consultation/ management etc. or a product to sell like an e-book, art or crafts. Based on your budget, purchase or use their service. And if you do not require it, someone you know will.
  • Word of encouragement. Every now and then, words of encouragement from people we know (and even strangers) can do wonders to the mind. Send that human a kind word or two telling them that they are awesome and to keep going. It helps!

This marks the end of the ideas.
Let me know if this was helpful in the comment section!
Do you have any other ideas on gifts that are ideal for the content creators in your life? Share!

That aside, my friend, Joseph A. so graciously came over to take photos of me in my backyard back in Calabar and he made some short clips while trying to test frames and all that so, here is a small teaser for you to be entertained.

Song: Osondu by The Cavemen

Finally, if you’re up to it, follow my social media!

Love and light,

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