The Dilemma that is Remote Work

This is what it is like working from home remotely, but first, let us go back to the time before covid 19.

Since the COVID 19 pandemic hit, life in my country had been pretty straightforward. You wake up early, shower, get dressed, have breakfast if that is your thing, head out after a quick prayer or two, then go into work. Let us say you resume at 8 am, you would be in the office up until 4 pm before you had to leave.
Fingers crossed; you do not encounter any traffic. On arrival at home, you would settle and rest, then have lunch and then do other things that make up your social/ personal life, go to bed, wake up and repeat the cycle the very next day. This would happen 5 days out of 7 days or 6 days if you work somewhere that uses 6 days. Weekends would be the only time you had to go out with friends and family and live your best life uninterrupted.

Now, in the wake of the pandemic and everything going around another way, work policies have finally been adjusted.
Right now, I’m sitting at my desk in the study in my nightdress and my dog by my foot, and working in the house seems to be a thing of the past.
However, as with any new changes/ existing policy, there are pros and cons.


  • More flexible work hours.
  • High work morale.
  • Relaxed environment that is very controlled to suit my needs.
  • I get to work from anywhere and on the go as long as KPIs are met.
  • My dog. That is explanatory enough.
  • No work colleagues and work drama

  • Blurred work hours. With an employer messaging/ calling you at odd and random hours.
  • Cost of the internet is heavy on pocket.
  • Dependency on power stability which is almost impossible if like me, you live in a country that does not have consistent power. One time I did not have electricity for 3 days straight.
  • My dog.
  • No work colleagues and work drama

The last time I had to work from an office was in March 2020 and in the ‘slightly over one year’ of remote work, my body and mind are on the fence. It would be nice if one could slowly ease back into the work from site life but only half of the week and remote the remaining half.

Well, it is June 2021, there is still some time to see the possibility of this happening as time progresses.
Until then, stay safe and let me know, remote work or on-site work, which works best for you?

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