About Me

My name is Enoabasi Nta and I am building community through stories, one story at a time.
I’m very passionate about art, life and self discovery as they are the condiments to a full and happy life.

I love traveling, reading and daydreaming. I’m passionate about social issues and my goals in life are to be happy and to make social impact and change in my community.

I started writing poems and stories from as early as I could form a sentence and that sort of stuck and in 2016, I began blogging here.

This is a life blog that is aimed at connecting with you my reader, and providing community.

You can expect a mashup of everything as life is a mashup of many things and that’s what makes life beautiful.

Join me as I navigate life and share stories to start conversation, one post at a time.

When I’m not doing either of these, I’m spending time with my dog, creating content on Instagram and YouTube , and can be found taking care of my plants or binging on Korean drama.

Welcome to the Clan, subscribe and join me on this wonderful journey called life.

Love and light,
Eno ♥