How to: Surviving Uni life


From my last post, you must have gotten the gist that I’m in the process of rounding off with uni and believe me when I say, the years might have been stressful but this year in particular had to be the most demanding and stressful of all. But as usual, I’ve found some ways to make this lap pretty enduring and yes, as usual; I’ll be sharing them with you. Continue reading “How to: Surviving Uni life”


Life update || Currently

DSC_0268 1

It feels like just yesterday I was sending out New Years’ messages and making plans for the year and still making mistakes in writing down the date ( I still used to put 2016 down), and now June has come to an end already and that means, the first half of 2017 has come to an end. It’s time for a mid year reflection. Continue reading “Life update || Currently”