Looking Back to When I Turned 23 and was in a Funk

Me at 24 in Lagos, Nigeria.

I remember that for a long time, all I ever wanted to be was an adult. I would look with envy at my siblings who were much older than I was living what was seen as “the best life” and want to be them so bad.

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‘Calabar Carnival’, Africa’s Largest Street Party!

Photo by Miriro Matema

Disclaimer: Not all words used in my blog can necessarily be found in the English dictionary, so tune into the Eno dictionary mode/ setting and you will do just fine. I will however ensure that even though you are unable to tune in, that you are carried along just fine.

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Dear Woman | Blast from the Past

I wrote this in 2016 for a feature on a blog that I recently discovered has been taken down. It’s ironical how this was written from watching the women in my life and around me in school and at work but here I am in 2020, writing this intro and seeing a bit of myself in some of the lines. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did.

Portraits for 24
Photo by Joseph Asim

Dear beautiful woman,

I’ve seen the way your eyes glaze over and how your cheeks become flushed. I know it’s because of him. 
I’ve seen the way you become light and bubbly when he calls you in the middle of the day just to find out what you’re up to and to tell you you’re on his mind. 
I’ve heard the way you laugh from deep within till the point your whole body shakes with it. And you laugh till you can hardly breath. 
I’ve watched you dance when there was no music when you thought no one was watching. A little jiggle here and there, an occasional twirl and what not. 
I’ve seen it all and I’ve lived there too. 
I still do. 

I’ve seen you leave your friends because they dared to tell you the truth about him. About how he was a player. 
I’ve seen your whole frame shake from tears and 
I’ve heard your voice screaming about the littlest things that you would have laughed about normally. 
And the worst of all, I’ve seen the light in your eyes die. 

You are your weight in diamonds, gold doesn’t cut it. 
And diamonds are forever. 

My beautiful woman, pick yourself up and realise your worth. 
You deserve to laugh without a care. 
And twirl in a dance without fear. 
Keep your head high and your chin up. For you’re royalty. 

You’re much more than being loved with conditions. 
You deserve total and complete love that will stand the test of time. 
Wake up beautiful woman. The day is bright and colourful and waiting to be explored 
You are your weight in diamonds, gold doesn’t cut it. 
And diamonds are forever. 

Yours sincerely,