DIY: Morning Coffee Facial


Do you sometimes wake up feeling so tired and your face literally betrays you?

Then this is for you. Continue reading “DIY: Morning Coffee Facial”


Girls Day Out + Konamii 2016!

As much as I’m a fan of TGIF, I’ve got to say this Saturday beat my Friday hands down. Why? I got to spend time with my cousins and catch up with friends/ acquaintances I hadn’t seen in about 5 years and took a step into breaking out of my sometimes social awkwardness. Continue reading “Girls Day Out + Konamii 2016!”

The Truth About Going Natural


Hello. It’s me again.

So recently many girls have been going natural, and ditching the relaxers and texturizers in an effort to go back to our roots, me included. Truth is, when I made the choice to go natural, all the natural hair pages, blogs and channels I found made going natural seem so Continue reading “The Truth About Going Natural”