Life || New Obsession


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My new obsession are feet. -_-  (I’m not ashamed, what if it had been drugs?). The way they look, the shape, Continue reading “Life || New Obsession”

Natural Is The New Black!

Its 2016, and the natural hair trend has come in with a big bang! Lots of people, young and old, are chopping off their permed locks and letting their hair fro or transitioning till their hair becomes the curly way its meant to be.

I started my natural hair journey on one random day in August, 2015 (my journey so far will be another blog post). Growing up, I remember perm day as a day I’m forced to sit in a hot salon and have a full cup of ‘Dark and Lovely’ slathered in my hair and having to wait for over 30 minutes through the burning sensation and a hairdresser coming to poke my head with a blue tail comb to check if ‘the hair has done’.

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