Going Back to the Basics

Looking back at when I started “blogging, I remember I enjoyed sharing my day to day experiences, while making them sound like stories worth telling, I also created consistent and original ‘stuff’.

But as time went on, I got caught up in the bug of finding a niche to define my work such that if I went out, I could say;” Hello, I’m Eno and I’m a life and beauty blogger”. When I should have just stuck to being a blogger.

I literally just spent the past 2 hours reading through my favourite posts all from 2016 and wondering why I let myself get this far.

It is a huge disservice to not only you, my reader, but to myself as well.

I’ve let down myself because the joy that comes from this, is barely there anymore. And so, I have promised myself, this year, to go back to the basics and find that joy I got whenever I sat at my laptop to put so.ething new put.

So, get ready for my 800+ words and my usual digressing and tons of photos because, the Uyai family is going to make a comeback this 2019.

And on that note, I wish you a happy New year and I hope you join me in rediscovering my passions and on this journey called life.

Love and light,


Places and Things to See on a Short Trip to Ghana

Anyone who knows me knows that wakabout is in my blood and you can always rely on me to share the places I visit that I think you should visit too.

In this post, I’ll be sharing some awesome and highly recommended places to visit and interesting things to do to make the most of your time/ stay in Ghana awesome. Especially if like me, you had 2.5 days to see and do it all. Continue reading “Places and Things to See on a Short Trip to Ghana”