Weekend Behavior || Girls Day Out + Uncle D’s Restaurant Review

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Places and Things to See on a Short Trip to Ghana

Anyone who knows me knows that wakabout is in my blood and you can always rely on me to share the places I visit that I think you should visit too.

In this post, I’ll be sharing some awesome and highly recommended places to visit and interesting things to do to make the most of your time/ stay in Ghana awesome. Especially if like me, you had 2.5 days to see and do it all. Continue reading “Places and Things to See on a Short Trip to Ghana”

Summer 2017 || Youth Assembly at the United Nations 

So if you made it here, that means you’ve seen my previous post where I dropped tips for holidaying abroad and JICYMI you can catch-up up here.

This is the first installment for my summer 2017 and I’ll be sharing with you what my first half of summer was like and how it went down.
Summer 2017 was all about action for me.  I was/ am done with the ‘I wish I could’ and the ‘I want to’ phases of life (bye procrastination 🙋🏽) and I’m now invested in the ‘I’ve done’ and the ‘I’m doing’ phase so I can say 2017 has been good to me.

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Tips for Holidaying Abroad!

So my sister in her usual fashion joked I should have named this post; ‘How to not get deported’, ‘Green card waka’ or ‘How to go abroad’.

Jokes aside, this is a practical guide to first timers traveling out alone (like I did), everyone and anyone who plans of leaving their national shores for a holiday. It’s fool-proof because these are the tips I adhered to for my summer vacay at the US and I got back in one piece and it made my trip stress free. Talk about striking gold!

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