‘Calabar Carnival’, Africa’s Largest Street Party!

Photo by Miriro Matema

Disclaimer: Not all words used in my blog can necessarily be found in the English dictionary, so tune into the Eno dictionary mode/ setting and you will do just fine. I will however ensure that even though you are unable to tune in, that you are carried along just fine.

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Tips for Holidaying Abroad!

So my sister in her usual fashion joked I should have named this post; ‘How to not get deported’, ‘Green card waka’ or ‘How to go abroad’.

Jokes aside, this is a practical guide to first timers traveling out alone (like I did), everyone and anyone who plans of leaving their national shores for a holiday. It’s fool-proof because these are the tips I adhered to for my summer vacay at the US and I got back in one piece and it made my trip stress free. Talk about striking gold!

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